A little bit of madness hast to be heard. But above all, the spirit of discovery, spirit of adventure and the support of the parents ‘ house because Christopher Schacht is sure. 19 years old, he was old, had high school and 50 Euro in the pocket, and set off to discover the world. The was 2013. Since he knew that he would be four years of on-the-go.

“I wanted to be as a long way as it needs,” says Bay. He hitchhiked, walked, took the Bus and train, sailed. Flew he never. 45 countries, he traveled in this way; in Brazil, Peru, China, Japan, Thailand, India, and Pakistan, Iran, Turkey. With: backpack, hammock, sleeping pad and tent. Where the trip went, was to the beginning is not clear, so he grabbed both for cold and warm regions. A year before the departure, he was informed at the foreign office, in the Institute for tropical medicine, vaccinated and prepared to be not prepared.

His parents he had told from the beginning of his dream. That none of them would stay on to you two weeks prior to departure clear. “Smells, tastes, and cultures,” he wanted to explore his “lifelong dream” to meet, and he was sure that he would regret it if he didn’t make the trip: “I had a life-long sense of having missed something,” he explained to his parents that understood him. Of the twenty-four year old is the Only one in his family, the travel bug has Packed up. More than to Denmark, it was not in the holidays for the family from Schleswig-Holstein.

impressions of a long journey

impressions of his long journey, he stopped at the beginning with an old digital camera of his mother. Mobile phone, Laptop he had in the first half of the trip, he went every three, four days in Internet cafes. What he had already, after a year, was a GPS Tracker, and calmed down, especially his mother.

“The biggest fear is that one of the things that you don’t know,” says Schacht, when he talks about the Hitchhiking. In the case of Distresses him to have guided his gut feeling. A year it needed to come in the life of a traveler. Much did cost in the beginning to Overcome. He first had to learn which places are suitable to Stay and which are not. Also, the health was an issue. “Without antibiotics, nothing works,” says Schacht, who had stitches in addition to a tonsillitis during his journey, often inflamed mosquito.

it was A further realization that it can be done without money. “The world is not a break-in, if nothing comes,” is one of his experiences. Be able to pay for it anyway. “You can very quickly and spontaneously little work,” he says, and tells the story of his stay in Lima. In the morning, he ran out of money. But he wanted to take the Bus to visit a friend. Bay, had been given before his departure a scholarship for computer science, went to an Internet café, fixed the Computer and got the money for the journey. In order to Finance his trip, made the shaft, everything is Possible: the construction worker, tour guide, Model, vendor, harvest helper, Babysitter, and tax man.