With fire-works all over the country have celebrated the German of the year. In Berlin, hundreds of thousands came to the Party at the Brandenburg gate, where midnight, the sky from the fireworks, minutes to colorful was enlightened. The new year’s eve celebration in the capital is one of the largest in Germany: From all over the world, visitors came to admire the fireworks over the Brandenburg gate.

Also in North Rhine-Westphalia, the people welcomed with great parties in the new year. In Düsseldorf and Cologne, for instance, it remained, according to the police peacefully. In Munich, the people celebrated also omitted. The new year’s eve fireworks exploded, among other things, the Marienplatz and the Frauenkirche.

In the Central city of Hanover, this year there was a firecracker ban, and that was according to police. As announced on new year’s eve, threw people who wanted to celebrate in the centre of the city, more than 300 rockets and firecrackers voluntarily in a water-filled tons.


The German fireworks industry is expecting a consistently high level of new year’s eve sales of more than EUR 130 million, even if there had been this year a debate about the sense and nonsense of fireworks and Böllerei in times of high particulate pollution in the cities. Among other things, the Federal environment Agency had called for a renunciation of private new year’s eve fireworks.

Peaceful Party in Berlin

Berlin, many new year’s eve, guests from abroad, attracted traditionally. Already in the afternoon, the party area was opened at the Brandenburg gate. At the inputs and queues formed as the spokesperson for the event said. This was also due to the security checks. One and a half hours before midnight, it was so full that the entrances were closed.

On stage a number of Stars were holding the celebration. Also, Eagle Eye Cherry, Bonnie Tyler and Alice Merton belonged to in addition to DJ Bobo and Nico Santos. Unlike in previous years, there was until midnight, hardly unpleasant incidents and “minor friction,” as a police spokeswoman said. Attacks on helpers were not initially reported, as are complaints about Antanzereien.