The investigation against five Frankfurt police for sedition are in direct connection with threats against a lawyer. These threats employ investigators for several months and were in the first place, the reason that the police was on the right network within your authority’s attention. The Turkey-born in Frankfurt, a lawyer, whose family has been threatened in anonymous letters with death had been represented in the NSU-process the victims ‘ families. In addition, she represented the Frankfurter offenders Haykel S. by the authorities as offenders were classified.

From investigators circles was already heard before one and a half weeks, that the threats against which a criminal lawyer, “a very sensitive procedure, possibly with a greater Dimension.” In the face of this newspaper was at the time expressed concern that an early publication of the Case could jeopardise the investigation significantly. The prosecution had pointed out. About the threats of the “Frankfurter Neue Presse had reported finally,” in your recent issue of the Saturday.

the Crucial link between the five police officers and the threats had led the Questioning to an officer, to the track, because of your Computer for no apparent reason, a query was made, among other things, to the not the public address of the lawyer. As the state began to protection, to determine in the context of the COP, and also your phone evaluated data, he came to the Chat-group, which the COP, with colleagues of the 1. Station in Frankfurt, apparently for the sole replacement of the extreme right mindset had set up. If other officials are part of the network, is currently being clarified.