From your first salaried employment salary, your career statement is opened, then retraces your entire professional career. Thanks to your career statement, you will be able to obtain a summary of the rights you have acquired throughout your activity in all of your pension plans, whether basic or complementary. However, it often happens that errors appear on your career statement. From what age can you correct this erroneous data?

On your career statement, you can find all of your salaries. Your employer declares, in fact, each year to your pension fund all information relating to wages and contributions paid. However, you must keep your payslips with care. Other information is included, such as your other social security schemes, but also quarters assimilated to quarters of insurance for periods of unemployment, illness or disability. You will be able to consult this statement when you are 35, 40, 45 and 50 years old.

You can consult your career statement at any time using the “my career at a glance” service, available in your Agirc-Arrco personal space. From the age of 55, you will have the opportunity to report any anomalies on your career statement to your pension plans. Pay attention to these shortcomings, whether they relate to missing jobs or inconsistencies. To correct it, it is recommended to use your retirement account, which will inform all your retirement plans. It will then be possible for you to follow the processing of your request on your retirement account.