Stekene –

The fire department Sunday for a man is in critical condition in the gelaagputten in Stekene, belgium obtained. For the size, it was the RED team is called, that is, the man is from an old bunker in the forest by ropes and pulleys at the bottom was able to get in.

It was a group of CARE-young people who are at 15.20 hrs and the emergency services are called. On top of the roof of an old bunker in the dense forest of the gelaagputten in the IJzerhandstraat they had the man been found who was surrounded by empty containers of alcohol and pain killers. The first medical findings of the MUG, and a doctor found that he was in danger of death is wrong, and it had to be taken to the hospital. Because of such evacuation, is not self-evident in the sharp as well as smooth landscape, it was the RED team and the hulpverleningszone Himself to come. This is a group of firefighters who specialize in search and rescue flights at high altitude, depth, and hard-to-reach places.

“he was lying on top of a hill about ten feet,” said Philip Zaman, the RED team, which the surgery resulted. “To get to the hill to get to the hotel, it was the first of two hundred or three hundred feet to be walked on a path through the hotel very dirty and difficult to wash. At that time, there were two options. Or carried out a search and rescue helicopter from Koksijde at the belgian coast, through the air, and the evacuation from, or we are in the world.

The NH90 search and rescue helicopter, or to be the successor of the Seaking, and came to the spot and let someone go down to the hill for an inspection. In the end, a rescue is in the air because of the dense vegetation and the effect of the darkness was too dangerous and was abandoned. “Then, we used a system of ropes and pulleys, and the man is down,” says Zaman. “In the meanwhile, the fire department of Stekene, belgium is the path that leads out of the woods, it had lead to being freed by a chainsaw. However, the evacuation is not an easy task. The condition of the victim, had to be on the go all the time to keep in mind.”

For 18 hours, the man was still in critical condition, was transferred to the hospital. Possibly this was an attempt of self-immolation. At the beginning of the gelaagputten, a bicycle was found.

anyone Who has any questions regarding safety, please contact the Zelfmoordlijn on the issue of 1813,