the Games, and Kelly to travel around the world together, and post photos of their holidays on Instagram. That’s a great photo, but something a little further, daring to go one-hundred percent safe, and that shows in their profile as well. However, they were well on their recent risk picture is quite a bit of criticism. “It is you who are the influences you will influence people. To Stop this you have someone to encourage himself to death in the chase.”

“The world is waiting for you. Behind the crowd, you prefer to have a quiet existence would cause is an open access canvas. We want to encourage you to make an effort to try to get through to the borders of the negative to push it, and paint a picture of who you want to be. Do not let yourself coffins by those who are too afraid for their own lives. There is a difference between having your life at risk, and to take risks in order to live a life to come. We do not know on which side we will stand up, will you?”

With those words describe the Games, and Kelly on their account positravelty their last risky shot. Then, it is time to see how Kelly’s clings to the hands of the Games as they are, with one foot over a precipice, teetering. A pose that is really easy to be wrong, it would be able to walk, and therefore, it was easy to get a critique on it. She would encourage others to have this kind of risk-taking.

The pair was up to CNN to know that they will have more perspectives in play, and that they expect it to be and that their followers have to understand. “We didn’t expect so much criticism of it would be.” However, it is not the first time that the two of them get criticism for their risky positions. In april of this happened in a turn by taking a picture with Kelly on the edge of an infinity pool hanging over an abyss, supported by the Games in the swimming pool.

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