They are one of the elements that we could not do without and whose main function, as its name suggests, is to dry the dishes. So it must be used, stored and hung hygienically. Some people use them to wipe their hands, others to clean surfaces.

According to several studies, drying your dishes with a tea towel would be harmful to your health. The reason ? Like sponges, these would be real bacteria nests. By using the same cloth to carry out all the actions mentioned above, the fabric will accumulate bacteria and microorganisms. However, these particles can result in food poisoning. If you want to solve this problem, some tips will help you achieve this in our slideshow.

Have you bought lots of new tea towels and immediately taken them out of the package to use them? Error ! It is indeed advisable to carry out a first wash, which will allow the fibers of the fabric to relax… But not only! New tea towels, like freshly purchased household linen, contain many volatile organic compounds, more commonly known as VOCs. Irritants, allergens and even carcinogens in some cases, they spread through the air in your living space. Hence the importance of always washing your new tea towels before using them.

As expected, discover in our slideshow below 5 tips to keep your tea towels clean for as long as possible, according to Ctendance.