You started working very young and were planning to take advantage of your retirement to take advantage of your grandchildren as soon as possible, travel or simply do everything you never had time to do, the new pension reform could well come mess up your plans.

Currently, one out of five employees retires between the ages of 60 and 62 because they worked early. In 2021, Retirement Insurance thus recorded 125,546 early departures.

Until today you can request an early retirement at age 60 if:

With this reform project, the gradual raising of the retirement age to 64 also implies the early retirement age. If you started working before the age of 18, don’t panic, the progressive age decline will not come into play. On the other hand, it will still be necessary to justify 44 years of contributions.

However, for workers who started their career between the ages of 18 and 20, it will be almost impossible to take early retirement as we see it today. According to the impact study of the reform project, a career started before the age of 20 can very well lead to a departure at 62 depending on your generation. For example, an insured person born in 1970 who started his career just before turning 18 will leave at age 62.

But who will leave before 62 with the reform? To better understand, we take stock in our slideshow according to the years of birth.