Caution is in order. The storms return this Wednesday, May 31 and they will be present until the end of the week in a large part of France. Météo France has placed 36 departments on yellow or orange vigilance for thunderstorms this evening and this night, calling for caution in certain territories. In its latest bulletin, the institute warns of the development of “strong thunderstorms which can give significant accumulations of rain and hail”. For its part, La Chaîne Météo warns of “a stormy deterioration that is more generalized and more violent than that of yesterday”. Here is how it is characterized, according to the specialized site:

Is your department concerned? You can check the list below this article to find out. Several reflexes are to be adopted if your territory is in orange vigilance by Météo France.

The storms will then continue this Thursday, June 1 and until the end of the weekend, particularly in the southern half of the country. Tomorrow will also mark the start of the meteorological summer and temperatures will remain high, with highs worthy of July.