Good news for the purchasing power of the French. In recent weeks, the government announced the creation of an anti-inflation basket in various voluntary supermarkets, but discussions are still ongoing. Content of the cart, established prices, duration of the offer… Many points still have to be settled between the government and the major players in the sector.

System U did not wait for the green light from the executive to launch its anti-inflation basket. As explained by Agence France-Presse (AFP), quoted by Capital, the brand offers from this Wednesday, February 1, 150 products at cost price in all of its stores. Asked, its president Dominique Schelcher specifies that the offer is launched “for an indefinite period”. The distributor is continuing its discussions with the government, but wanted to go faster: “We think there is an urgency for purchasing power and that March 1 is still a long way off”.

In all, 150 products are therefore offered in the Hyper U and Super U stores and some have been unveiled, as you can see below our article. No question of finding national brands, since it is a private label, owned by the brand. With AFP, Dominique Schelcher explains: “We feel that it is tense in terms of purchasing power, with a boost on constrained expenses, energy or insurance prices, fuel”.

The anti-inflation basket which has just been launched by System U differs in several points from that which will be proposed by the government. Indeed, due to arrive in March, this basket will contain around fifty references, but voluntary supermarkets will be free to choose the products made available to consumers. For the time being, the government is counting on a period of three months.

While waiting for March 1 and the possible arrival of the anti-inflation basket in your supermarket, you can already take advantage of the one offered by Système U, from this Wednesday, February 1. Check below the list of what it contains.