As the deadline for the implementation of the pension reform approaches, the French continue to worry about their future. In the long list of measures taken by the government of Elisabeth Borne, raising the legal age of departure is a major upheaval for them, as is the increase in the duration of insurance. It must be said that it is now two years of work that will be added to the need to justify 43 annuities. To appease heated discussions, the executive finally proposed the creation of a minimum pension of 1200 euros. After long debates, who will finally be able to perceive it?

Among the whole list of measures planned by the executive, very few of them were greeted with a smile by exasperated French people. At the heart of this turmoil, the prospect of a minimum retirement pension set at 1,200 euros has, however, thrilled the most skeptical, but its conditions have remained unclear for many weeks. A few months before the implementation of the reform, we are beginning to see more precisely who will really benefit from this pension increase.

In order to calculate his retirement, the official simulator was made available to future retirees on June 12. If it allows them to calculate the retirement age, as well as the number of quarters necessary, some adjustments are still essential, in particular on the contribution of the periods of maternity, as well as the progressive retirement. However, few French people today have all the answers to their questions since the simulator quickly experienced a major breakdown.

Asked by Le Parisien on this subject, Renaud Villard, general manager of the general scheme fund, spoke of this difficult situation, considering that “the launch methods were not ideal”. He thus explains the creation of a real traffic jam on the simulator while the service “is in the process of recovering”.

If bugs were still identified this Wednesday morning, he guarantees that, thanks to him, the French will soon be able to obtain essential information on their retirement. Renaud Villard tells us in particular that some future retirees should have good surprises with “gradual […] recovery”, “small pensions” or even “long careers”.

In the possible good surprises, Renaud Villard was also able to talk about the minimum pension of 1200 euros promised by the government. It is, according to him, a “very complex calculation”, for which “you must have spent your entire career at the Smic”. For new retirees, approximately “20,000 people per month” will benefit from the 1,200 euros in this context.

He specifies the process for people already retired by waving the figure of an increase of up to 100 euros gross, or, on average, 70 euros. It is therefore 1.8 million people already retired who will be affected by this expected change.