The public prosecutor’s office of the province of Limburg, has 82 the negligent assessors, which is an out of court settlement of € 250 is not paid, sued in the courts of the province of Limburg. That is a Saturday, and in The Interest of the province of Limburg, and is confirmed by Hieronymus Swijsen of the centre position. A total of 271 People, that is, in may of this year, did not show up as an assessor for a polling station, an out of court settlement of up to 250 euros for the bus to be received. Of the 82 persons who have not paid. As a result, their interpretation of the right to give.

in The court of the province of Limburg is organising themazittingen with respect to the negligent assessors. In a first plenary session on 20 november to take place in the Square. Then, there will be sessions on the 4th of december, in the city of Tongeren. The criminal court may be to show that they are out-of-court settlement is still to be paid in full. There is a discharge. Off and running documents to the administrative merry-go-round slowed down. People, who are in their out of court settlement, is not paid in full, sometimes even turn up in court. They will be given a fine of around € 400. Add to that the costs of the proceedings, and may amount to as much as 700 euro to go up. They can, however, have the right to object.

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