DANIEL CRAIG, 53, starred in James Bond’s final movie, “No Time To Die”. Now it is time to hand the role to another 007 agent. Tom Hardy has been chosen by fans of the Box Office smash as the man most qualified for the job.

A poll of 5,767 people was conducted from October 7-8. 41 percent of those surveyed believed Tom Hardy should become the next James Bond. Idris Elba, a beloved British actor, was second. These results are mirrored in betting predictions, with Tom Hardy at number one with 5/2 odds from Ladbrokes.

One Twitter user said: Tom Hardy must be James Bond. He would be amazing in that role. This casting is as perfect as it gets.

44-year-old Mr Hardy is not unfamiliar with the role of’spy’. His performance in “This Means War” directed by Will Smith was an international success.

BAFTA-winning actor Mr Hardy ranks among the best in Britain. He has also appeared in blockbuster movies like Mad Max (2015), Inception (2010) and The Revenant (2015).

One Bond fan tweeted, “Tom Hardy for next #JamesBond No contest, no need to discuss.” It’s that simple.

Others think he’s too obvious and will play the role in a traditional manner that’s not much different to the Bond’s the audience has previously seen.

A significant percentage of Express voters (32%), wanted another person to fill the Bond role, which isn’t predicted by betting companies.

Billy Taylor, 007 fan said that he would love to see Tom Hardy and Idris Alb but it will be a lot of unknown actors.

Mike Finnerty also agreed with Mike Finnerty: “Lesson 1 of James Bond casting Rumours, they won’t ever cast the bookies favourite actor or major award nominee.” Idris Elba is one and Tom Hardy the other.

However, Idris Elba explicitly stated that he won’t be the next James Bond.

Fans lamented on social media that @idriselba wouldn’t be next #JamesBond. He would have been an excellent choice. He is the epitome cool.”

Social media has been a hotbed of debate about whether or not the next James Bond actor should be black. The casting would go down in history.

Members of the black community are calling for a new franchise in 007 that stars a black spy, rather than James Bond. James Bond movies will continue to be made as separate films.

One Twitter user commented: “James Bond007 character – A black woman just for people.”

“When a new movie could have been made with a story.”