the Former bpost ceo Johnny Thijs will be the president of an energy company, Electrabel. Reports that the French power company Engie), parent company of Electrabel, on Thursday. The times reported that his visit should be to assist in the sensitive political debate on the nuclear power plant. He and Etienne j.f. denoël act as external directors in the board of directors of Electrabel.

Engie likes of Belgium, in her own words – “as a role model in energy efficiency to create. The board of directors of Ecs shall be amended to “a more open approach to the creation,” and the “local ties continue to develop”.

as of Thursday, five new directors will be appointed, of whom two are external: City and j.f. denoël. The presence of Johnny, He and Etienne j.f. denoël, in the heart of the organization has Received, the company will be able to focus even more on the outside to open up the dialogue between the firm and its stakeholders is strengthened. These two people complement each other”, what it sounds like.

“Belgium is in the group of historically important, country to country, but most of all, is a country in the future, because it is all of our expertise and harnessing,” says Isabelle Kocher, ceo of the French parent company, Engie. “This is a key area where the synergies in the last few years been strengthened and we are confident that there is a huge potential for energy efficiency.”

According to Johnny, He says “the challenges of energy efficiency in Belgium is huge. “New renewable capacity, mobility, and customized solutions for electro-intensive, are any of the axes, which has Received resolutely want to go.”

as He left, bpost, in 2014, and was a director of several public listed and private companies. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of Recticel, Corealis, Golazo, and Hospital Logistics, and the director of H. Essers. He is also a consultant on INVESTMENT, and Lazard for the uk.

for More about Johnny, He With a salary of a new chief executive officer, Proximus, and Bpost will find, nonetheless, not hard? Anyway… the Former Bpost ceo Johnny Thijs is the president of Ecs Johnny, He doesn’t believe in the minimum service in the rail Presidency, NMBS / sncb is Johnny, He is not on the table