Murder of Lola: the troubled role of Rachid N., the “suitor” of Dahbia B.


While a silent vigil will be held this afternoon in the town of Fouquières, where the parents of little Lola have taken refuge, the investigation into the murder of the teenager continues, and the gray areas multiply.

At the heart of the investigations, this question: why was the little girl tortured? The first statements of the main suspect, Dahbia B., are enigmatic to say the least… Just like her profile. The young woman of Algerian origin, aged 24, was subject to an obligation to leave French territory and lived without a fixed address. His life also seems to be dotted with drama.

“I do not understand that she could have engaged in such acts. I do not understand” confides “Hakim”, a friend of the family, whom she considered her “uncle”, in the Parisian.

In the days preceding the tragedy, he assures us that the young woman had “a hollow face. She was like lost. She was not in good shape, it felt. I spoke to her about her mother, the difficulty of living without her. I could see that she was not well”.

According to information from the daily, Dahbia B. would have lost both her parents, who died of cancer a few years apart.

Her mother, Mounia, died “in Dahbia’s arms”, in 2020, Hakim still relates, before adding: “I am convinced that the young woman lost her mind when her mother died”.

With the mourning, the relations between Dahbia and her sisters would have worsened, eaten away by the difference. “The eldest (with whom the murder would have taken place in Paris in her absence) is a very good girl. She married a pastry chef. She is devastated by what happened”, specifies Hakim in the Parisian .

But in this case, the young Dahbia is not the only one to be indicted. Rachid N., an “acquaintance” of the latter, is suspected by the investigators of “concealment of corpse”. On the evening of the events, he spent several hours in the company of the suspect… and the terrible trunk containing the dismembered body of the adolescent martyr. Who is this character ? And what is his role in the case? The point in six questions.