Refurbishment of the Ibiza affair – Strache shows no ReueIn Vienna, the Committee of inquiry into the Ibiza affair of the former FPÖ leaders starts. The members should also clarify whether there was in the previous coalition to corruption. Leila Al-Serori from Wien1 Comment1″are The media accusations of wrong”: Austria’s former Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache sees himself as a victim.Michael Gruber (AP/Keystone)

It’s only been a few minutes, as Heinz-Christian Strache in the “Local 7″ in the Vienna Hofburg for the first time on the Convention on human rights. He had the right to a fair trial and the right to inspection of files, says the former Vice Chancellor of Austria and many years of FPÖ-boss. For years there had been a Plan to destroy him”,” says Strache. Therefore, he will exercise his right to withhold Information if it should go to accusations, where, it is an ongoing process and he still can’t get a possibility to inspect the files.

It is the first day of probably many days in the Committee of inquiry into the Ibiza affair in the Austrian Parliament. And even if the deputies were not able to evaluate in the Committee, the Ibiza-Video even – and this will only happen in a few weeks after the release by the judiciary – have you loaded for the start of the “main actor” of the video: Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus.

Symptom of a boggy system

The “Süddeutscher Zeitung” and the “mirror” published scenes from the Ibiza-Video had in Austria in may 2019, a severe government crisis triggered. Strache is in talks with a putative oligarchs-niece open for corruption. Had arranged the Meeting to be his former party colleague and confidant of Gudenus. According to the publication, both resigned from all Offices. The former coalition of ÖVP and FPÖ broke.

the focus of the investigation Committee only Strache and Gudenus are not, but also generally to post-close haggling and paying in of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition between December 2017 and may 2019 – so if Ibiza was only the Symptom of a boggy system. In the next weeks, many other prominent persons providing information are, therefore, loaded, including Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

It comes to embezzlement, fraud and bribery

in The late afternoon, the former FPÖ leader behind Corona takes-conditional plexiglass in the Committee room. The members strive to unravel the network of Affairs, which no longer affects only Ibiza, and to move the former top politicians again and again for information. Because the list of accusations is long, the justice determined against Strache, among other things, on suspicion of embezzlement, fraud and bribery.

On the island of Ibiza, the former FPÖ leader, the arbitrary awarding of state contracts has artificially inflated sums for government contracts and constructs for illegal party donations in prospect. Meanwhile, there are also references to such donations, to mandate purchases and excessive expenses bills, his party’s detriment. Strache is said to have promoted in his reign a change in the law for a well-Known, the operator of a Vienna private clinic. The prosecution must now determine whether there was in fact a counter-power in the Form of flights in a private jet for Strache, how to Austrian media reports.

recordings of allegedly “non-authentic”

Strache all old and new allegations denies. And he also makes the Committee of inquiry. The right-wing populist stresses again and again his multiple geprobte defense strategy: The published scenes were taken out of context and manipulative. The shots of him were “not authentic”, even if Strache is that it was not a “philosophical evening.” To the other proceedings, he could not say anything because the investigation is still ongoing, only so much: “The media allegations are false.”

The deputies can do little against that, you refer to the not-yet-submitted Video, which is why you could not check Straches statements. Here also the basic problem of this launch shows that Although the Austrian authorities had announced in mid-may, surprisingly, the confiscation of the video material, it does not come to the Handover to the investigation Committee. This will only happen in the coming weeks, when the investigators and the judiciary have evaluated the recordings.

Strache does not want to rejected free Video

Strache himself, after he had repeatedly called for the release of the Videos, the publication of full-length, because he had told in it “ugly, untested, gräusliche rumors” about other people. It is quite possible that Strache has to leave after Handing over the Videos to the Committee again as a witness subpoena. Then, the reference to the not, this Video should at least be no longer an issue.

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