Transactions should only pay 40 per cent reduction will cost the landlord to 212 million, says on Monday, the Council of States, Yes, have to shops to pay for the time of its forced closure 60 percent less rent. But this is true only for those who have not already agreed private.Konrad Staehelin1 Kommentar1Welchen share of the rent will have to pay Bars and Restaurants for the time during which they were forced closed? In the picture the “Europaallee” in Zurich. Photo: Sabina Bobst

After the Parliament had been disgraced in the special session in may, because it is rent in the matter of Business had to be able to agree, the national Council on Thursday, a major step: He has agreed to a reduction to 40 per cent of the rent is supplied. You should apply for those companies that had to close because of the Corona-measures, temporarily, and for the applicable period will be limited. The scheme would be for Rent up to 15’000 Swiss francs, is mandatory, if not already a private solution was found. A hardship Fund will be increased by 20 million Swiss francs for the landlord.

The result was 98 to 84 votes, with 12 abstentions, almost. The fractions of the SVP, FDP and GLP large majority voted against the Motion. Also in the Council of States, it is likely to be on Monday closely; the tiebreaker will be the CVP. In the case of a Yes, the Federal Council would have to prepare an urgent matter of Federal law that may occur after the treatment of the councils in the autumn session, from September into force.

HEV is dissatisfied

Since yesterday, it is also clear, how much would it cost the landlord: The Federal office for housing (BWO), has calculated the number of 212 million Swiss francs. The losses are attributed to those who have given their tenants a decree.

“There are always black sheep.”

Markus Meier, Director of the Swiss homeowners ‘ Association

The house owners Association (HEV), in which many landlords are organized, with the decision of the national Council is not satisfied. “This decision means a full-stop for all who were in negotiations about a private solution,” criticized Director Markus Meier. Now they waited until the law was.

Each of the survey> him

So, or so it seems, as a considerable part of the landlords would have granted no voluntary reduction. This despite the fact that both the Federal Council as well as the HEV had you called to negotiations. “There are always black sheep,” commented HEV-Director Meier. Natalie Imboden, General Secretary of the tenants Association, says: “it is Precisely to promote, not individual companies in the Ruin, it needs a legal regulation.”

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