Bank card: in which cases can it be confiscated by your bank?


Gasoline, electricity, food, school supplies… Not a single item of expenditure has escaped the inflation that has been raging in France since the start of the year. For households, the belt is getting tighter and tighter… and the accounts, less and less provided.

So much so that more and more French people no longer have the funds to pay their current expenses. Result: accounts in the red from the beginning of the month, even, sometimes, chronic over-indebtedness.

And according to the Banque de France’s monthly barometer, 23% of households whose files are considered admissible by the institution’s over-indebtedness commissions are so for the same cause: a “decline in resources”.

Even more worrying: no less than 9,000 bank cards were withdrawn from their owners in July 2022 alone.

This is 28% more than the previous month. In all, registrations with the FCC, the central check file, jumped 12% in July.

The FCC, or central file of checks, is a database, held by the Banque de France, and grouping together all the households from which a banking institution has withdrawn the ability to issue checks, or to use a card. banking.

This registration can run for up to 5 years before being automatically erased, unless your situation has been regularized in the meantime. Certain organizations are authorized to consult the FCC.

But what incidents, what practices, can be worth a registration in this file? Can being discovered too often encourage your bank to withdraw your means of payment?

According to the utility’s website, a bank can ban you from using your bank card because of “misuse.” But concretely, what is it?

According to the site, we speak of misuse of the CB when:

However, rest assured: the bank is obliged to inform you of your situation, and the possibility of regularizing it, before confiscating your card.

If, however, the abusive transactions are repeated despite everything, your establishment can oppose your card: you will no longer be able to use it either to withdraw or to pay (online or via a TPE), and you will therefore be registered with the FCC.

It is also possible that your card will be swallowed if you try to withdraw money.

Please note that a captured card is sometimes accompanied by substantial costs. Thus, specifies

But misuse of your bank card is not the only situation that can lead your bank to confiscate your means of payment.

For example, an establishment can refuse you the issuance of checks as soon as you make one or more checks without funds, informs the site of the public service.

A court order can also prohibit you from issuing cheques.

Again, you will be the subject of a mention to the FCC.

In all cases, your bank is required to inform you in writing of your registration in the Banque de France file.

Once registered, your name will appear there until

However, you can ask to consult the FCC, and contest, or have the information concerning you corrected, by sending a written request to your bank.