Raclette: the best brand to find in the supermarket


Raclette is one of the favorite dishes of the French: across France, each household consumes an average of 1 kg of raclette per year, according to Lara-clettte.com. The reason ? It’s a very comforting, nutritious, friendly and very easy to prepare dish! Indeed, sharing the raclette machine in the center of the table helps to create a bond between the guests. Digging into containers filled with ingredients, to cook on your plate, is also a very fun way to eat.

However, raclette was not born in France. In the 19th century, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, a shepherd left his wheel of cheese too close to the fire, and it began to melt. Finding the melted cheese delicious, the shepherd in question spread his idea by word of mouth, only to arrive in Savoie in the 1970s! A French brand then began to produce the famous raclette machine, which then facilitated the large-scale popularization of this winter dish.

The 60 million consumer group set out to sample a variety of supermarket-bought raclette cheeses to determine which ones are worth checking out. This is, of course, classic raclette cheese, without the extra taste as we can sometimes see nowadays. The 6 cheeses submitted to the test come, in fact, from the same two factories in France, as reported by Version Femina.

The ingredients do not change a bit from one cheese to another, but the differences in the proportions are felt. The price range tested is relatively wide, ranging from 8.55 euros per kilo to 13.07 euros per kilo. Not only the taste, the salt content varies, but also the consistency of this special cheese.

Discover below all the cheeses tested and their respective ratings.