Taxes: the 6 dates to remember in 2023


The year 2023 is fast approaching. With it, a new fiscal year that announces both good and bad surprises. For example, the finance bill for 2023 provides for a measure to index the income tax scale to inflation. A device intended to help households maintain their purchasing power, by preventing them from paying more taxes next year. The owners, on the other hand, will experience a new increase: the harmonized consumer price index (HICP) which serves as the basis for calculating the property tax was recently unveiled by INSEE… And increased the property tax of 7.1%, at least, in 2023.

To be in order, avoid unfortunate setbacks or even not lose the slightest euro, it is necessary to know the different dates of the tax calendar. Sometimes spring, sometimes autumn, the tax distributes the deadlines over the year. In our slideshow below, discover all the dates to remember, month by month, for the year 2023, according to our colleagues at MoneyVox.

The economic news magazine reminds you that it is possible, as of now, to adapt your withholding tax rate following a positive or negative evolution of your income. “Modulations are accepted without conditions upwards. And they are relaxed downwards: a 5% reduction in the levy will suffice”, specifies MoneyVox. To proceed, simply go to the “Manage my withholding tax” tab in your private space on It’s your turn !