resim 856
resim 856

They are only three to claim the title of best adventurer. This Tuesday, June 13, ends the season of Koh-Lanta, The sacred fire, hosted by Denis Brogniart on TF1. After 40 days of survival in the Philippines, Tania, Nicolas and Frédéric compete in the mythical pole test.

The three survivors of the orientation test will have to show endurance and above all patience, perched on the respective pole in the sea. Against all odds, only one of them will emerge victorious from this final test. He will have the privilege of choosing his finalist opponent in order to be decided by the final jury.

Before knowing the name of the person who will enter the private circle of Koh-Lanta winners, and pocket the sum of 100,000 euros, Planet invites you to come back to the highlights of this 2023 season. start: ten men and ten women, aged 22 to 56 from France, Belgium and Switzerland, competed for more than a month. On one side, the yellows (Paninam) led by Nicolas facing the reds (Tinago) guided by Helena.

Their “koh-lantesque” adventure was punctuated by tests of comfort and immunity, clans and strategies, not to mention the twists and turns: abandonments (medical or voluntary), reunification and the power of the sacred fire, used to protect an adventurer in danger. Key moments that marked the season with 3.5 million followers in front of their screens.

Are you a fan of Koh-Lanta and have you missed any episodes? This adventure has no secrets for you? Before the broadcast this evening of the final which is played between the favorite Nicolas, the strategist Frédéric and the phoenix Tania, here is a special quiz to test your knowledge. Get a pen and paper and answer the following questions. Up to you !