It would be a question of thinking about the after. For months now, French people have been facing growing inflation. This is constantly accelerating, indicates Ouest-France on its site, which underlines how much the forecasts of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies have been able to prove to be correct. In June 2022 and over one year in total, its increase was then 5.8%. This is a lot – more than what the executive could have foreseen when deciding on the implementation of new systems or the revaluation of retirement pensions. The latter should theoretically climb by 4% in July, for a payment in August.

Among the other boosts envisaged by the State and finally entered into force to fight against inflation is a rather heterogeneous panel of measures. We must mention the tariff shield, a shield initially brandished by Jean Castex to protect households in France from rising electricity or gas prices, but also the discount of 18 cents on a liter of fuel. Without forgetting, of course, the inflation allowance…

In practice, lists the specialized site All about my finances, the French and the French will have been entitled to a certain number of boosts. There was the establishment of a shield (the term seems dear to the executive) on rents, to limit the impact of inflation on tenants, the revaluation of a significant number of social benefits ( from the youth contract to the solidarity allowance for the elderly), via the announced abolition of taxes such as the contribution to public broadcasting (CAP, former audiovisual royalty).

However, the Head of State and his government are now preparing the end of certain benefits…

Some do not hesitate to speak of a real “scandal”. This is the case of Pierre-Henri Dumont, the deputy secretary general of the Republicans (LR). At the microphone of France Info, he returned this Monday, July 11 to the government’s decision to put an end to the tariff shield, erected during the previous term of office.

Such a measure, he explains, could have very serious consequences for the “middle class” of France. “Today, we have in France the whole middle class who spend their time always paying for everything”, he laments, not without estimating that the latter “never receives a single penny of national solidarity”.

In reality, however, it should not be thought that the government is currently working on the outright abolition of the tariff shield. The executive has the idea of ​​replacing this device with a more targeted version, which implies that some French people would no longer have access to it. But others will continue to benefit from a more specific helping hand. This is precisely what Republicans are up against. “We will fight against this totally disastrous project which will create two-speed societies”, asserts the Deputy Secretary General.

Rebelote on the discount of 18 cents applied on the purchase of a liter of fuel. This boost, explains BFMTV on its site, is also doomed to disappear. Again, the government said, this is not a pure and simple removal: a new device has been thought of as a replacement. “The fuel allowance for low-income workers may be implemented from October, depending on the outcome of the parliamentary debates”, detailed the executive.

This new discount will take the form of compensation, the amount of which should vary between 100 and 300 euros per vehicle and per asset. “All workers, employees, apprentices, public or self-employed officials, will be concerned,” the authorities also added.