With the approach of April and therefore the Easter weekend, the French are starting to stock up. In addition to chocolate, the other star of this time of year is obviously candy, the favorite sweet of children and older children who will once again be there.

Small hiccup at the end of March for Chupa-Chups. The Spanish brand is facing a massive recall of its line of sour candies due to the presence of traces of allergen. Indeed, traces of gluten have been detected in the brand’s “mini acid tubes”, without being mentioned on the labeling. A gluten intolerant person can therefore have an allergic reaction and have health problems. To ensure consumer safety, the government has decided to issue a product recall.

The government therefore recommends that the French bring back the 175-gram sachets to the point of sale if they have purchased any, while ensuring that they no longer consume the sweets in question. It is also recommended to call customer service. Consumers who have purchased the affected sachets can request a refund or compensation by exchanging their sachet for a product that does not contain gluten. For those not suffering from gluten intolerance, they can continue to consume this line of products.

Several stores are concerned throughout the territory. Here is the list :