According to Hulu, the documentary aired originally on Nov. 20.

After it was criticized on social media, Hulu removed an Astroworld documentary.

“Astroworld’s Concert from Hell” was listed as episode one of season one. It didn’t give any information about how it was produced. Hulu however claimed that it wasn’t produced by the streaming site.

Variety was told by a spokesperson for Hulu that this was an investigative local news program from ABC13/KTRK-TV Houston. It originally aired November 20th. “This wasn’t a Hulu documentary, and has since been removed in order to avoid confusion.”

According to the episode’s snyposis, “Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival was supposed be the concert of your life.” It turned out to be a terrible nightmare. Here’s a minute-by-minute account of what happened in the crowd and the young victims killed. And what happens next.

Social media users quickly criticized the investigative documentary.

“Hulu’s documentary on Astroworld is in bad taste.” One user stated in , a widely circulated tweet. “The legal cases are still not even starting. When all the facts have been presented, great documentaries can be made. This is a topic that requires a lot of time.

Another user stated that “Astroworld victims aren’t yet in the ground and the media already have a special Hulu.” “We are in hell.”

Another user claimed that Hulu and ABC used the Astroworld tragedy to make a “cash grab.”

The tweet stated that “Filming #ASTROWORLD while there is tragedy is extremely insensitive.” “Families still grieve, festival-goers still have traumatizing memories, and some victims are not yet laid to rest.” ABC and HULU saw the trauma as a way to make a quick buck. “Cold world.”

FOX Business reached out to representatives from Hulu and Disney but they did not respond immediately.

Travis Scott was performing at the Astroworld Music Festival Houston when he was allegedly pushed to the limit by a crowd that had left 10 people dead and many others injured. Since then, he has been criticised for allowing his show to continue even though people were struggling in crowds.

The rapper claimed that he did not know the gravity of his situation.

Numerous lawsuits were filed against Scott and the organizers of events following the death at Astroworld.