The weather is still getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier and earlier, the raclette season is on. While the temperatures were summery a few weeks ago, the weather is now conducive to enjoying this traditional dish straight from the mountains.

With mustard, pepper or plain, there are many kinds of raclette cheese which offers a wide variety of choices. However, like all foods, this type of cheese is not immune to contamination that could lead to health complications.

This is how raclette cheese is now the subject of a recall procedure. These are 400g trays of classic sliced ​​raclette from the Carrefour Original brand. This product is marketed throughout France and all of the brand’s supermarkets and hypermarkets are thus concerned.

The references of the recalled batches are as follows:

The reason for this recall is a suspicion of contamination with Listeria monocytogene, responsible for Listeriosis. It is therefore important not to consume this product and to return it to the point of sale where it was purchased to obtain a refund.

In case of ingestion, people with symptoms such as fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches, or body aches should consult their doctor and report this consumption.