The public prosecutor’s office in Brussels carries out an investigation to the deputy prime minister and minister of Foreign Affairs and of Defence, mr Didier Reynders (MR). This is attested to in the Brussels public prosecutor, to be The tijd and L’echo. The investigation was initiated after an ex-secret service agent of the national Security service in april to the federal criminal police has stepped up with a series of allegations of corruption and money-laundering charges Reynders.

The public prosecutor’s office, after a preliminary investigation to decide whether there is enough evidence against Reynders at the file it may or may not be sent to the Brussels public prosecutor-general, as Reynders, minister of.

at The Time of the report, to refer that to the police, on the trial of an ex-agent of the state Security service. It shows that the man is from march 1, 2007 to march 1, 2018 shall be worked out for the Security of the state, especially in the economic section. In that position, according to the former secret service agent, through individuals, and finding the knowledge from the practices of corruption and money-laundering.

In his interview, refers to the former secret service agent, inter alia, to a series of public procurement contracts and public procurement, such as the construction of the Belgian embassy in Kinshasa, which, according to him, bribery was used. He explained, among others, statements regarding bribery by arms dealers, and Local verkiezingskandidaat.

The charges against the man were brought against a long standing confidante of Reynders, who is also adviser to its government.

“This is a re-installation of the same evil man, who time and time again, trying to cause damage” said John Hendricks, the spokesman said Reynders.

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