The freezer is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your home. When paired with your refrigerator, the latter accounts for 25% of your household’s electricity consumption, according to Butagaz. Discover in our slideshow below the tips to reduce your electricity bill. Indeed, it is a household appliance that works twenty-four hours a day.

Nevertheless, it is possible to reduce its electricity consumption since it depends on the number of watts used. Indeed, depending on the device purchased, the power can vary considerably. To know this parameter, just look at the technical characteristics of your freezer or refrigerator.

To determine the average energy consumption of your freezer and to know if it is one of the bad students, you just need to do a little calculation. Indeed, to get the figure in kilowatt-hours per year (kWh/year), start by converting the power of the freezer into kilowatts. Once done, you just need to multiply this number by 24 hours and by 365.

The number 24 corresponds to the number of hours of daily use of the machine. But the freezer works all day. The number 365 is equivalent to the number of days of use. To know the amount of your electricity bill per year only for this device, you can multiply the previous number obtained by the price per kilowatt-hour applied by your electricity supplier. This calculation can allow you to have an estimate of the consumption of a freezer, whether it is associated with a refrigerator or not.

In addition, some suppliers charge higher prices than others. So you can start by comparing rates to reduce the cost of using your device.

Take a look at our slideshow below for tips from the Master My Energy site to reduce power consumption on this device.