This won’t work for it, Greg Van Avermaet (34) this season. Even in the City, he was once again one of the best men in the race, but ultimately he had to bow down to Michael Matthews and Peter Sagan. “Of course I wanted to win the race, but this podium finish is proof that the kind thing to do.” By Jasper Stuyven (5) and Tim Wellens (9) finished a further two Belgians in the top ten.

He was in the City four times in the second, the third, fifth, and tenth. And yesterday, he added a third to the mix. In fact, Greg Van Avermaet, but it was, as expected, in the event, however, a third win of the season, it’s not. On the day that he was among the five that have departed from the platoon, under the command of a known, Julian Alaphilippe. Just as the olympic champion, Peter Sagan, Diego Ulissi, and Adam Yates were able to follow it. A small hesitation, came to be a part of the team back, and there was Michael Matthews ‘ advantage to Sagan and Van Avermaet to be accelerated.

“actually, I’m very happy with my race,” responded to By the Team. “I was very pleased with the result of the attack on the 3.5-miles from the finish line. had to go deep, and it was therefore a little anxious about my sprint. For such an attack, you will lose, of course, is speed. But I was able to stick to. Because in a moment of silence fell, was During the us, even be accelerated. But I made a good decision to go with Julian. A place on the podium is not a victory, but a beautiful one among all the other top players.”

Five of the escapees became the first half of the race in Quebec city. Photo: AP < / P> ‘ Jasper Stuyven ran to a fifth place. “I’m disappointed, because I was always on the stage to work on. I think I may be one of the fastest sprinting ride, but I went to what is included and had a long way to go. Which is a pity.”

now, However, has revealed the winner of the Tour of Germany, the shape is very good. He is a little closer to world cup selection. “I don’t think so. I will not be there, because I think the selection has already been fixed.”

the. Tim Wellens (ninth) finished in a third of Belgians in the top ten. It looks promising for Sunday in Montreal, Wellens, as an ex-champion is a better route to find his way around.

And, Remco Evenepoel? Well, that took a bit of the bunch, but it had to be about 35 kilometres from the finish, just solve it, as He’s a Plus. He was going to be back, but we didn’t really play a role, as well. “After a hard week of training in the Ardennes, and I had to Quebéc to what is to come. However, I am very happy with my sensation. I used to work for Alaphilippe, because it is not of my race, Sunday, in ho chi minh city, it will, in principle, a much better deal. I think there is a heavier track that I need to lie down.”

Beautiful setting.

on Sunday in ho chi minh city to get the riders a second chance. There must be at least 18 laps of a 12.2 km are to be taken (which is two more than the previous few years) and with the precipitous Mont-Royal, as an executioner. In 2015 the victory of Tim Wellens in the pouring rain, a year later, it was Greg Van Avermaet, but it is the best of them. “Yes, that is the race I prefer. It Is a tough race and I’m looking forward to it. A second win would be nice.”

yet, he will once again have to take into account with Michael Matthews. Last year, he picked up the duplicate, that he on Sunday and two times in a row, you can do it. “I’m going to go for,” said the Australian, from the Sunweb, in Quebec, until his third win of the season picked up. He won two stages at the Tour of Catalonia. “This is not my best time, I had a lot of bad luck at the start of the season, he broke his jaw in the Paris-Nice, ed, but I’ve had the Tour, which is also the difficulty was very hard. It is great that it results in a win. With the world cup in Yorkshire? There are a lot of favorites, but this way I can have a meaningful role to play.”