Exit the old license, welcome to the new. Since 2013, the classic model of the French cardboard and pink permit is no longer distributed to new holders of the diploma. Instead, it is now a small card the size of a credit card that acts as a driver’s license. This is common to all Member States of the European Union.

For the time being, the use of the old license is still authorized even if it is destined to disappear gradually. Indeed, the pink license remains valid until January 19, 2033. There are therefore still nearly ten years to anticipate this new change.

It is therefore necessary to plan to change to the new version, before this date has passed, in order to be able to continue driving without worries. However, the procedure is not free and costs 25 euros.

To start it, you have to go directly to the ANTS website with several documents:

It will then suffice to follow the procedure indicated and the permit will then land directly in your mailbox. There is also another procedure for people who have lost their driving licence.

This new permit has a specificity compared to the old one since it is perishable. As Femme Actuelle points out, it is only valid for 15 years. It is therefore better to keep the pink cardboard license for a few more years, as long as it is still usable.