The least that can be said of Emmanuel Macron is that he likes to abolish taxes. After the housing tax on the main residence, on which the executive is still working since the 20% of the wealthiest households will only see its disappearance from 2023, it is now the turn of the television license fee. ultimately be abandoned. Only, here it is: a certain number of taxpayers have already paid the contribution in question, recalls the regional daily Midi Libre on its site. Nothing surprising in this, since they have opted for the monthly payment of their charges, which include the fee. These French women and men, continue our colleagues, are now eligible for reimbursement.

It remains to be seen, therefore, how to ask for it?

Several specific scenarios should be mentioned. First, observes the press title, it should be remembered that more than six million households have already benefited from a refund, at the beginning of September. It was addressed to French women and men paid monthly, having paid the contribution to public broadcasting even though they were exempt from housing tax.

Those who still have to pay the housing tax, that is to say, the 20% of the wealthiest households in the country, face two situations: