Pensions, fuel… When will you gain purchasing power?


He prefers to be “the president of purchasing power” to that of the rich. If the French and the French have obviously not changed the nickname of the Head of State, in whom they have nevertheless decided to renew their confidence when he had to face Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election, it is clear that he has made this subject a real hobbyhorse. One of the first texts to have been voted on since it was renewed related precisely to this question and even before that, the executive multiplied the measures aimed at limiting the impact of inflation on the household budget… Without ever mentioning, however, an increase in wages (which is indeed the responsibility of companies, for a good part of the workers).

Unfortunately for Emmanuel Macron, the French men and women do not appear, for the most part, convinced by the effectiveness of his recent reforms. As the Huffington Post explains on its site and on the basis of a survey carried out by YouGov, less than 2 out of 10 respondents believe that the “purchasing power” package planned by the executive will prove useful.

It is on the side of the Nupes (76%) and the National Rally (77%) that we find the individuals most critical of the reform. But the president’s voters themselves do not appear particularly satisfied: 49% of them remain convinced that this bonus should not change their daily lives. It lacks, in fact, an important measure to seduce all this little world: the taxation of “superprofits” made by large groups, informs the portal.

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