A winter without power cuts? The government believes in it, the network managers a little less. In recent weeks, RTE has warned of the risk of tension in January, during the coldest weeks of winter. If he does not know if and when these rotating load shedding will take place, he is already planning EcoWatt red days, during which the French will have to adopt the right gestures to lower their consumption.

Rotating power cuts, if they occur, will be targeted at peak hours and will last a maximum of two hours. Quoted by BFMTV, the government indicates that the cuts will be “targeted by geographical area of ​​2,000 customers on average (households and professionals) supplied by the same power line”. It evokes the equivalent of “a district in town and up to several municipalities in rural areas”. Not all French people will be affected by these power cuts, because places deemed “priority” will, for example, be spared, such as hospitals, national defense buildings or those whose interruption could compromise their operation. According to the government, 40% of French people would thus be spared from load shedding, because they live in an area connected to a line which also supplies a priority user.

Go for the theory, but in practice? As Ouest-France explains, Enedis has launched a website that lets you know whether or not you will be affected by rotating load shedding this winter. Its name: coupes-temporaires.enedis.fr. If there are rotating load shedding, it will allow all French people to see where they are taking place and, above all, if their home will be affected. For the most accurate results possible, simply enter your postal address into the search engine. Quoted by the daily, Enedis explains that “this information is indicative forecasts which may change”.

If you live in Deux-Sèvres, Haut-Rhin and Vienne, your home may not appear on the map, as it is part of the 5% of the territory that does not depend on Enedis, but on local distribution companies .