France currently has 17 million retirees. Recently validated by the Constitutional Council, the pension reform should be implemented from September 2023. Among these 17 million people, some of them will, thanks to this reform, be able to benefit from a revaluation of their their pension. In what context will this increase occur? Who can benefit from it?

Despite the massive rejection of the pension reform proposed by the executive, the text of the law will allow certain retirees to increase the amount of their retirement pension. Indeed, the revaluation of pensions will concern people with a pension enhanced by the minimum contributory (MICO). To benefit from it, it will be necessary to have liquidated his retirement at the legal retirement age and at the full rate. In this context, you can either have obtained all the required quarters, or have reached the age of 67, a threshold where your discount is automatically canceled.

Long debated, the minimum pension promised by the government could therefore be created thanks to this system of revaluation. The executive thus hopes to succeed in this procedure by increasing the minimum contribution. It should therefore be remembered that the minimum contribution is calculated at the time of your retirement and that it concerns retirees with a total amount of retirement pensions that does not exceed 1,322.87 euros per month. If you have applied for and obtained all your basic and supplementary pensions, you can benefit from them.

To benefit from this revaluation of pensions, it will be imperative to have validated a complete career. You will not be able to benefit from this increase if you miss certain trimesters or if you have not reached the age of the full rate. This process also excludes people with low pensions, in particular those eligible for Aspa.

Through this process, current retirees will be able to obtain a revaluation of 100 euros of the increased minimum contribution. 120 assessed quarters will be required, excluding quarters validated for illness, incapacity or maternity. Consequently, the minimum contributory should now amount to 847.57 euros gross from September.

According to government estimates, the retirees concerned will benefit, on average, from an increase of 57 euros (compared to 33 euros for future retirees). This increase will be greater for women (63 euros gross) than for men (45 euros gross). Among these retirees, approximately 125,000 will have an increase estimated at 100 euros gross.

For now, we have to wait for the publication of a specific decree to find out how the revaluation of the minimum contributory will work. The government has already announced it for September 2023, but the study of the files could take longer and run until September 2024.