In the Loveparade-the criminal process proposed by the Duisburg regional court and the proceedings against the ten defendants. The process would be terminated without judgment. This was on Wednesday made the right call known to the trial counsel, prosecutors and the co-plaintiff lawyers requested. The Prosecutor’s office have made it clear that you can only have one setting with money circulation against the defendants was out of the question, reported by several lawyers. This would not accept the defenders.

The court indicated, however, that some of the accused from his point of view without, and some with a money edition. Participants called the atmosphere for the talks “businesslike” and “professional”.

the court and the Prosecutor’s office would not comment on Wednesday first to the content of the right conversation. On Thursday afternoon, the presiding judge wants to give the main content of the conversation during the main hearing. After a lunch break the conversation should be continued on Wednesday afternoon.

it is also a setting just for a single defendant

in addition to lawsuit-lawyer Julius Reiter would be said that now is to create the setting decision, the basis for claims for damages against the city and the country. “We know how difficult it is to determine the criminal responsibility of an Individual and to atone,” said Reiter.

found The conversation – as usual with the right conversations – with the exclusion of the Public. It took part to the court information 24 defender, 26 co-plaintiff-representative, 3 prosecutors and 3 judges.

in Principle it was the right call to take stock of the previous procedure and how it can go further. A setting of the procedure would have to agree to defenders and prosecutors for each of the ten defendants. It is also possible that the procedure for one or more of the defendants is set for other but until a verdict continues to run. However, 27 the threat. July 2020, the Statute of limitations. A court spokesman said the process will also continue in the case of a setting for several weeks.