Coronavirus in Singapore – The dangerous second wave in Singapore was so successful for so long in the fight against the Coronavirus. In mid-March the disease increased in cases, however, rapidly. The often-praised Tracing of the city-state pushes to his limits.Arne Perras29 Kommentare29Eine visitor must have their temperature, before they are allowed to enter a temple in the neighborhood of Chinatown in Singapore.Photo: Wallace Woon (Keystone)

Singapore is one of those States that have received a lot of recognition of the epidemiologists. The city-state is considered to be actively and efficiently. Quick decisions, early restrictions and controls for flights to and from China, strict quarantine, efficient Tracking of all persons that had Infected contact. Singapore seemed to be a lot, if not everything right in the fight against Covid-19. And yet, it is now increasingly clear that the rich, tightly organized commercial metropolis has its difficulties, to get the Virus in the handle. Just in the past few days, the problems are always more evident, the positive image that went initially to the world, it’s just a falter occurred.

The world saw a state that had clearly learned its Lessons from the Sars epidemic in 2003 and the outbreak of Covid-19 from the first Minute very seriously. Thus, it was possible to keep the number of cases until the end of February 100 registered Infected. But then the situation changed rapidly. In mid-March, the cases of disease increased rapidly. In the meantime, the city-state already has ten times as many cases as four weeks previously. At the weekend, the government confirmed the number of 1309 Infected, six of them dead by now. On Sunday evening, was also well-known that Singapore provides two settlements with 20’000 guest workers under quarantine, because there are dozens of Infected.

paths of Infection are hardly more comprehensible

the location in the March and heavily modified the Numbers surged, is attributed to the so-called second wave, triggered by the many returnees from other continents; most of the times, the Singapore state’s citizens, but also foreign business people and their families. For all the strict quarantine regulations are now in effect, Singapore has also tightened several times, the rules for entry. So can foreigners, even to bring family members into the city.

in Spite of strict controls and restrictions, but it is observed that the state is doing is becoming increasingly difficult to associate new cases with the already well-known infections. This means that The paths of Infection are less comprehensible. What succeeded in the first weeks of the outbreak is still excellent, it was in the past few days, often even no longer possible. The often-praised Tracing in Singapore pushes to his limits. A Sign Of Alarm.

“Singapore has pursued by Far one of the best approaches”, explains the infectious disease Loge Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota in an interview with the Agency Reuters. Now, however, even in the city-state, how hard it is, this Virus to contain. Presumably that was not that Sick go to the doctor; and that there are presumably an unknown number of Infected people either have very mild or no symptoms show. The Affected know they are not that carrier, to spread the dangerous Virus but.

, Only so-called “essential services” continue

On Friday afternoon to 16 PM, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a live stream was, he sounded concerned about the rapidly rising infection numbers and prescribed a new, far more drastic steps in the fight against Covid-19. His announcement coincided with a time when everyday life in Singapore appeared despite economic hardships still reasonably normal. Because the containment was achieved in February is still quite good, had apart the state of school closures, you could visit Restaurants. Most of the offices in the Central Business district remained open, though many companies tried and tested already Working online, or in groups divided, the went put to work.

In March, the supermarkets in Singapore were still open as of Tuesday, many stores will close.Photo: How Hwee Young (Keystone)

From Tuesday on, it will be much stricter, it is close to the schools and even many workplaces and shops, and will last for four weeks. Only so-called “essential services” continue to run: hospitals, grocery stores and banks stay open, and Yes, even the Barber and the Barber around the corner. Apparently, the idea is that the population could verzotteln in the shadow of the Corona-crisis, but of weight. Tones and Color as well as the duration of the wave, however, must fail, because the time to stick to the hair to a Minimum.

The government is communicating its messages around-the-clock on all channels, but many have not stopped to flock to the Malls and to come closer to, sometimes significantly, as you should. In the Shopping street, Plaza Singapura, for example, you could still, on 21. March watch Wühltische a popular Japanese Lifestyle chain put for hours like a Magnet to the bargain hunters. Dozens of customers huddled together on the product quite closely, although they were long been sprayed with the strong messages about Social Distancing.

The state near the Straits Times lamented in a comment that the early issued a rule to keep a distance, has not been observed in the past weeks by many people. It is also the Premier Lee was, as he said in his speech to the Nation: “We need every Singaporean on Board.” Only in this way could it succeed to break the chains of Infection.

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