Pension reform: the 8 avenues to take away from the first round of consultations


This is one of the hot topics of the fall: the pension reform, carried by the government, and its decline in the legal retirement age to 65. In order to appease the spirits, or at least, to try to calm the game in the face of a bill which boils the social partners, the executive organized a series of consultations, which must extend until mid -december.

The final draft should be presented to Parliament in March, for implementation this summer.

But the game seems far from over.

This week, at the end of a first series of consultations on the “employment of seniors” section, the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt sent a 5-page summary letter to the actors in the discussions, supposed to summarize the work of arbitration carried out in recent weeks.

The unions were quick to express their disappointment. “It does not predestine anything. There is no indication that could put us on the track of what the government is ready to let go “, thunders Yvan Ricordeau at the CFDT in Le Parisien.

“There is nothing for the moment, the government does not reveal itself”, still exposes in the newspaper Dominique Corona, deputy secretary general of the UNSA.

A progress report which nevertheless makes it possible to identify some “agreements” and “disagreements”, and which outlines at least the outlines of the future reform.

The consultations, however, are not yet complete. In the coming days, a new round of debates around the inequalities of the system, minimum pensions and special systems should be launched.

In the meantime, discover in our slideshow what to remember from the government’s summary after a month of sometimes heated discussions.