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The increase of listeners of songs of past decades is one of the trends among the users of Spotify that you are dialing in 2020. In April, “I will Resist”, the Dynamic Duo, protagonizaba an increase of reproductions of 435% and the playlists of music users ‘oldie’ increased 54%. Spotify has chosen to reflect on this tendency to recover past successes on the part of the spaniards to discover what are their decades, songs and favorite artists among the 80, 90 and 2000.

According to data from Spotify, the music of the decade of the 2000 live a second golden age and is the favorite of the spaniards in what that nostalgia is concerned. In addition, all the hits that make up the ‘top 10’ most played songs are by Spanish artists , and these also dominate the top positions for number of reproductions. So far this year, 56% of the listeners of music from past decades corresponds to songs and artists from the beginning of the century. After this, the second decade favorite are the 90, with 27.8% of the reproductions, and the 80, with 16.1% of the remainder.

The music of the 2000 is still conquering the spaniards twenty years later, in Spotify. In these years, genres such as Latin music, pop and rock were the most popular. is Fito and Fitipaldis has three songs in the ‘top 10’ of the decade, “Soldadito marinero”, the most popular song of 2000, “By the mouth lives the fish”, which is ranked number 4, and “the house by The roof” , at number 8. Other of the great success stories of the decade are “Princesses”, of Laziness ; “Walk for life”, from Melendi ; “Copenhagen”, from Vetusta Morla and “Kisses”, from El Canto del Loco .

“In the last few months, on Spotify, we have detected a tendency on the part of our users to listen to music of decades past. The decade of the 2000s is the clear favorite and the top artists are all Spanish. In addition, we see this trend throughout the Spanish territory. It is also common to all generations, from baby boomer to generation Z”, explains Melanie Parejo, Head of Music for the southern Europe of Spotify. “We love being the platform for live streaming audio of reference that millions of spaniards choose each day not only to discover the latest releases, but also to listen to the successes that are part of the history of our music. That’s why today we launched a website where everyone can discover the music that he composes his own soundtrack of decades past””.

through the microsite that is presented today by Spotify, each user will discover their decade favorite among the years 80, 90 and 2000, as well as their songs and artists most-listened-to of those years. All users will get a personalized card with their results which you can share through your social networks profiles.

After 2000, the 90 is the second decade enjoy most Spanish users of Spotify , pop, Latin music, rock, and indie as genres that are more popular. The favorite songs of these years are “Shrimp” and “Tu calorro”, from Tow ; “Birds of clay”, from Manolo Garcia ; “But your side”, Secrets , and “By the raja of your skirt,” another success of Tinder, the clear favorites of the end of the last century in Spain.

The third decade of music most appreciated by the spaniards are the 80’s , when rock and pop were the kings. The favorite themes of the Spotify users of that decade are “Resist”, the Dynamic Duo ; “Cadillac solitario”, Loquillo; “Under Pressure”, from Queen and David Bowie , “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, from Guns N’ Roses , and “Another One Bites The Dust”, from Queen .

Tinder – ABC

most played Songs in Spain from 2000:

“Soldadito marinero” – Fito and Fitipaldis

“Princesas” – Pereza

“Walking through life” – Melendi

“By the mouth lives the fish” – Fito and Fitipaldis

“Copenhagen” – Vetusta Morla

“Kisses” – El Canto del Loco

“The sexual revolution” – The Blue House

“the house by The roof” – Fito and Fitipaldis

“Lady Madrid” – Laziness

“I can’t live without you” – Los Ronaldos

most played Songs in the Spain of the 90’s:

“Like Shrimp” – Tow

“Tu calorro” – Tow

“Birds of clay” – Manolo Garcia

“But your side” – The Secrets

“By the raja of your skirt” – Tow

“Noches de bohemia” – Grama Plateá

“The skinny” – Jarabe de Palo

“don’t hesitate” – Antonio Flores

“So payaso” – Extremoduro

“Heart partío” – Alejandro Sanz

most played Songs in the Spain of the 80’s:

“I will Resist” – Dynamic Duo

“Cadillac solitario” – Loquillo and the Troglodytes

“Under Pressure” – Queen, David Bowie

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns N’ Roses

“Another One Bites The Dust” – Queen

“With Or Without You” – U2

“Let me go” – The Secrets

“a Girl of yesterday” – Nacha Pop

“a Hundred seagulls” – Duncan Dhu

“neither you Nor anyone else” – Alaska And Dinarama

top Artists in Spain from 2000:

El Canto Del Loco

Fito and Fitipaldis




Daddy Yankee


The Van Gogh’s Ear


Don Omar

top Artists in Spain of the 90’s:


Joaquin Sabina


Alejandro Sanz


Manolo Garcia

Antonio Flowers

Celtas Cortos

Red Hot Chili Peppers

R. E. M.

top Artists in Spain of the 80’s:




Dire Straits

Guns N’ Roses

Male G

Radio Futura

Duncan Dhu

The Police

Joaquin Sabina