Inflation bonus: who is the November 15 payment for?


Inflation is sparing no one in 2022. To give a boost to French people who are struggling to make ends meet, the government adopted a series of measures last August to promote their purchasing power. Among the latter, the payment of an “inflation bonus”, of a variable amount depending on the situation of households, and which some have already received.

Indeed, the exceptional aid was paid:

And the “distribution” is not over. Tuesday, November 15, the inflation bonus will be paid, this time, to the beneficiaries of the activity bonus. In 2020, they were 4.4 million, according to CAF.

This social assistance is an activity income supplement intended for workers with low incomes, whether salaried or self-employed, from the age of 18. Its lump sum is 553.71 euros since April 1, 2021 for a single person without children.

To which will be added, from Tuesday November 15, 2022, therefore, a few denarii…

The amount of the inflation bonus for beneficiaries of the activity bonus is 28 euros 14 euros per additional dependent child.

This is much less than the 100 to 200 euros received by other households for this exceptional aid.

However, to receive this “bonus”, you do not have to take any action: the amount will be automatically transferred to your account.

The transfer could also take a few days to arrive: do not worry, therefore, if you do not receive anything on Tuesday.