Téléo meter: what information is collected by the “Water Linky”?


Linky, Gazpar… It’s time for smart meters. As for Veolia, the “Téléo” system continues to be deployed in France. This is a radio module installed on the water meter, which collects your consumption readings to transmit them to the data processing center.

The advantages presented are numerous: real invoicing, optimization of consumption, anticipation of the budget, rapid detection of anomalies, end of manual readings…

Only here: like its counterparts in electricity and gas, the Téléo meter arouses its first controversies. According to information from La Dépêche, a resident of Toulouse recently filed a complaint for trespassing, claiming that the device would have been installed in her home without her consent.

Questioned by Planet, Sandrine Meynier, in charge of user relations at SEDIF, explains to us that the primary objective of the Téléo meter is to transmit a consumption index without disturbing the user.

“Real billing is a real plus to avoid billing catch-ups, but it is also a way for us to meet the obligations of warning users in the event of a leak. If we only do one reading per year, the leak can occur the next day and last a long time”, she articulates.

The user relations officer also sheds light on the various data collected by the Téléo meter. Unravel the real from the fake by consulting our slideshow below.