Payment of pensions in 2023: all the dates to remember


In France, old-age insurance has no less than 42 pension funds, all divided between basic pension funds and supplementary pension funds. This multiplicity is explained by the desire to meet the needs of policyholders in each sector of activity, or those with a specific professional status. State officials, farmers, members of religions or civil aviation flight personnel therefore do not depend on the same pension funds.

These different funds have their own rules regarding the payment of pensions to their beneficiaries. For example, the 15 million policyholders who receive a pension from the National Old Age Insurance Fund (Cnav) receive it “monthly at the end of the period for which it is due”, recall our colleagues from MoneyVox. Thus, the pension for the month of December 2022 will be paid to you on Monday, January 9, 2023. This means that it is a pension “in arrears”, and not “to fall due” as for the payment of Agirc -Arrco, among others.

The business news magazine has made a summary of the main payments expected by retirees next year. Discover all the dates to remember, month by month, in our slideshow below. You will find the deadlines for payment of pensions from Retirement Insurance, Agirc-Arrco, the State Pensions Service (SRE), and former territorial and hospital civil servants (CNRACL).