The suspended postage increase by the Deutsche Post to 1. April will be rescheduled. According to a Letter from the Federal network Agency on its policy Advisory Council, the F. A., for example. Expected standard letters will increase from 70 to 80 cents. A framework decision of the network Agency, which has yet to be communicated in the course of this week the Post officially.

Helmut Bünder

economic correspondent in Düsseldorf.

F. A. Z.

After a process of consultation, the Post must then, for each of the products, such as postcard, standard letter, Maxi – or foreign letter the proposed new rates apply for. A final approval will be “expected to be at the beginning of the second quarter of 2019 effective”, – stated in the documents.

at the end of October had been blocked by the network Agency, which is actually already the year proposed postage increase. In view of the planned reorganisation of the mail and parcel division, you requested additional information on the development of costs in the delivery of letters, which were submitted to the Post weeks later.

More increase round planned

In the previous summer, the group had cut its profit forecast drastically, because the cost in the package business to run. Group CEO Frank Appel, who has taken the rehabilitation since the expulsion of many years of responsible management Board Jürgen Gerdes, turns since then vigorously at the price screw. Books and light consignments of goods have become more expensive, Express mail and press dispatch.

the most Important lever, of course, the letter postage, which was last increased at the beginning of 2016 to 8 cents. Again and again, the Post emphasized that letters to be in a European comparison, yet still very reasonably priced. On the possible orders of magnitude of the next postage increase, the group has officially nothing announced. To hear from Berlin and from the industry, does not want to enter the Bonn group but with the bonus of 10 cents but, as soon as possible in another increase round to get in. To do this, he insists to the Federal Ministry of economy to a Change in the “fee regulation Ordinance”.

special discounts for customer loyalty for Trouble

In a Post in order to advice, the Bonn law firm Redeker has formulated Sellner Dahs for the Ministry’s change proposals. It is, among other things, a reorganization of the winning bid, and a “Bonus” for the Post-pay compared to the competitors significantly higher wages. “This increased level of wages in the case of the largest postal services company in Germany is also desirable in terms of social policy”, – stated in the report, the F. A., for example. A good fifth of the Post include the state-owned KfW Bank, the Federal government would benefit from higher postage revenue.