During the year 2022, inflation has affected almost all areas. Food, services, energy… The French have seen their purchasing power reduced in all of their daily lives. In 2023, while it is possible that general price growth will slow down, this will not be the case in all areas. For example, for gas users, the bill could well be high.

In 2022, the tariff shield put in place by the government made it possible to avoid an increase of around 120% in the price of gas for households. It made it possible to limit the increase in gas and electricity prices to 4% in 2022… Against 15% in 2023.

At the end of the year, many households have already seen their prices explode. This is particularly the case for certain condominiums because the price shield is capped there. For many other French people, inflation will soon be felt either.

As the Huffington Post points out, about 40% of households will experience such an increase. These people are actually those subscribed to Engie or to one of the 22 local suppliers, with a regulated price contract.

Similarly, customers who have subscribed to an offer indexed to the regulated tariff will have to pay more. So far, these people had been relatively spared by the rise in the price of gas since, since November 1, 2021, they had been protected by the tariff shield. Who will be protected from this price increase?

However, some customers should be able to escape this gas price increase. Indeed, households with a fixed price offer over one or more years should be spared this inflation for the time being.

However, you should remain cautious and monitor your contract because when it expires, the price could well double or even triple on the next one.

In 2023, the increase in the regulated tariff will not, however, be the only increase that households will experience. The tariff shield could disappear in a few months…

The tariff shield was extended by the 2023 finance law, but only until June 30, 2023. Thus, once this date has passed, the regulated tariffs that a large part of French households currently benefit from will disappear. As Charente Libre explains, affected customers have received several letters telling them that they should then subscribe to a new offer.

If they do not, they will then be automatically switched to Engie, in a default contract.