airline passengers can claim to a judgment of the Federal court of justice (BGH), no compensation when a system has caused failure at the departure terminal for your delay. A multi-hour outage of all computer systems and check-in counters of the terminal can establish exceptional circumstances for the purposes of the passenger rights regulation in the EU, ruled for the passenger transport law competent X. civil Senate of the BGH on Tuesday in Karlsruhe. A flight companies could not dominate in such an event, as it is the case in his area of responsibility.

In the case of dispute, complained of two passengers who had booked on British Airways on a flight from New York to London to Stuttgart. Because on the John F. Kennedy airport in New York, all the computer systems were at the check-in counters of the terminal 7, has delayed the Start. With more than two-hour delay, the passengers landed in London and missed the flight to Stuttgart. Until they arrived at the destination, was to grow to a delay of nine hours.

British Airways refused to provide compensation and made exceptional circumstances. The computer problems were not made until after the 13 hours will be fixed, because in the organization, the telecommunications services for the John F. Kennedy airport provides a, was on strike.