He tells me that I’m beautiful, My guy to me, The men who pass… These are the many hits that have allowed Patricia Kaas to become one of the most popular artists in France but also abroad. Unequivocal titles that highlight his past love stories.

The one who “sings the blues” has lived a few more or less long love idylls as she revealed in the columns of Retro magazine in 2017. “I have lived love stories, some that lasted several years and shorter”, she said and added: “I have long wanted to do everything as a guy, I keep my lonely side. Each love, each lover brings you something different”.

Relationships that have ended but for which Patricia Kaas keeps good memories. “I have experienced such beautiful things, like with Cyril Prieur who has since been my best friend and one of my two managers, or with Yannick Alléno, with whom we have kept a real tenderness”, she explained while remembering a relationship that he would have gone wrong: “There have been less beautiful stories, she regrets, like this adventure with this artist whom I found very beautiful, whom I was very in love with and who m did all the ******** possible, going so far as to claim a pension after our separation!”.

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