Hvaldimir, the white dolphin), who earlier this year became world-famous due to the Norwegian coast, with an English suit of armour to swim in it, let it re-make itself heard. This time it was the 49-year-old Jan-Olaf Johansen at the port of Hammerfest in filming of how the animal friends, wanted to connect with a seagull. “The seagull was trying to fish for the dolphin to steal it, and then they started to play,” said the man.

The event took definitely three minutes. “The dolphins seemed to be rather wanting to play with the seagull, then the fish is back,” said Johansen. “I think it’s more fun to look at. There are a lot of people come to the port to see the white dolphins are to be seen. Even though it is not certain that the Hvaldimir in this area will continue to be.”

This spring, it was the dolphin’s attention worldwide after it was very close to a Norwegian fishing boat has floated. The harness coming out of Russia, did the experts immediately suspected that the animal was a part of the Russian navy. A few weeks later, with the theory that it is possible to have a therapiedier for the children as well.

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