During a police operation in Bamberg anchor center for refugees, it has given on Tuesday, eleven injured. Nine in the center of the living people had been detained, informed the police headquarters of upper Franconia. In addition, there had been a fire in the facility. The resulting property damage was estimated at about 100,000 euros.

according to The police there was a disturbance of the peace, an Assault on security staff in the anchor center. In the result, several men would have barricaded. First arriving police officers were pelted with paving stones.

The use of line ordered a total of around one hundred police officers to the property. After the outbreak of the fire, eight people had been arrested, another man had been arrested by special forces. The police launched an investigation due to serious violation, serious arson and other offences against the detainees.

of the total Of eleven injured, nine suffered a flue gas poisoning. In addition, the special forces detained residents and one policeman had been injured.