Electric charging stations are now an integral part of our daily lives. Aesthetically, we may find that they are not very pretty and that they sometimes swear in our environment, but at least they are there for a good cause.

That said, London-based SolarBotanic Trees decided to address the aesthetic issue and give the consumer more options when it comes to refueling. She has created a prototype called a “solar tree” that the user will eventually be able to see appear near their home. When there, it can be supplied with a storage battery to power the consumer’s electric car, with a fast charging option.

This company, a specialist in solar energy solutions and based in London, has been working for seven years to develop this artificial tree with a resolutely futuristic look. The object is five meters high, it has a diameter of 5 m too and it uses heat and light to make renewable electricity.

To achieve this, this new kind of tree is equipped with photovoltaic nanotechnology that makes the product efficient, with the help of 3D leaf-shaped cells and ultra-thin solar cells that can ultimately offer an electric power of 5kW.

We are talking here about artificial trees that will be called upon to replace electric terminals to charge cars, but in fact, these trees will be much more powerful and could be destined to do much more.

In fact, they are believed to be able to generate enough electricity to power an entire three-room house, plus the electric car parked in the yard of the home, of course. More so, they will be able to conserve excess energy so that it can be reused later, or even sold back to the main grid.

Currently, the company is thinking big. In particular, we want to place these trees in the parking lots of shopping centers or hotels. The driver will be able to refuel there easily, the time to go shopping or to afford a night’s rest, it depends.

The manufacturer also wishes to attract the interest of property owners who want aesthetic terminals in their environment, such as exhibition centers, head offices and high-end business parks.

That said, although these trees are not the invention of the century, the idea of ​​being able to use solar energy to power electric charging stations is still welcome. Especially since these trees adapt to all climatic conditions, assures the London builder. They are resistant to rain and wind, at least. The story doesn’t say if they would fit our blizzards or at what price they’ll retail… To be continued on those two points.

So far, SolarBotanic Trees is in the development phase, busy promoting its product, and some avenues are opening up. The manufacturer has already concluded an agreement with one of the largest British suppliers in the field of electric vehicle charging solutions.

It plans to supply these first-generation solar trees this year in Europe and the United Kingdom, and intends to continue its work to further improve its product.

Currently, the imagined tree can be offered in different models, but all of them have a futuristic look and can give the impression of coming out of a sci-fi movie. However, the company’s wish is that in 2025, it will be equipped to use and transform two kinds of energy, solar energy and wind energy combined, and that it will increasingly look like to a natural tree in order to integrate perfectly into the environment.

The founder of this company, Harry Corrigan, seems resolute. When this man imagined the solar tree, he had made the bet to create it in 10 years, and everything suggests that he will keep his promise.

In short, human genius has not finished surprising us, it seems. The idea of ​​using the example of the cycle of nature to protect the environment and modify the design of the elements to better integrate with the places is a way of doing things that fits perfectly into the spirit of the times. . In this spirit, that the electrical terminals become an integral part of our decorations with these solar trees is likely to please more than one. Many will be almost eager to plant one in their yard… guaranteed.