North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-un has threatened the United States with the end of the most recent policy of détente, Washington should maintain its sanctions against Pyongyang. He also called on the Americans to end their joint military maneuvers with South Korea. Otherwise, must think his country is “a new way to protect our sovereignty and interests,” said Kim on Tuesday in his state in the televised new year’s address.

However, Kim wants to put in his own words, the talks with the United States on the nuclear weapons programme of his country. He could meet the American President Donald Trump at any time.

Trump and Kim were to meet in June in Singapore to a historic summit come together. The North Korea agreed to niche a in power in the “denuclearization” of his country. In the talks with the United States and South Korea, however, he made no concrete Commitments until when is disarmed. North Korea rejects complete nuclear disarmament without consideration, and threatened with the resumption of its nuclear program, Washington should the economic sanctions do not cancel.

For the beginning of 2019 is targeted by a second possible summit. For months preparations have, however, repeatedly been Stalled. The diplomatic thaw of the last year had taken Kim in his new year speech to 2018.

China tries diplomacy versus trade war

Meanwhile, China’s President has summoned Xi Jinping, in a message to his American colleague, Donald Trump the advantages of a cooperation between the two States. History has shown that a cooperation for both sides is the best, it said in the statement, which was released on Tuesday by the Xinhua news Agency. Xi have you on the occasion of the 40. Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and his country should be sent. The two economic powers are since months in a Trade dispute.