A British man in his fifties appeared at the past weekend, according to his boss, “get drunk and under the influence of drugs at the workplace. He might need to have. The worker, sun’s, however, to seek revenge, and came back to it later. He hijacked a digger, went to the Range Rover, from his employer, cost – 112.000 euros – to-hand combat, and focused his anger on a pick-up truck.

Makes Verity (52), was, according to his boss, not his first time when he was over the weekend under the influence of the work was published. “He’s getting a second chance”, says the owner of a Uk demolition < / i> of Thomas Crompton Demolition. “In the meantime, already some seven or eight of those opportunities.”

This time, he came the same day and go back to his vengeance to carry out. “He has brought to people’s lives in danger with his rash actions”, what it sounds like. “We are very pleased that our employees, and even worse to have been able to prevent it.”

the Broken ribs

The workers are still in a state of shock by the events that occurred. But Verity is more than just a cat about his plan. He was arrested, but was released on bail. The worker shall undertake, at a later stage a court may be justified. He was in addition to two broken ribs, and at the same time, his colleagues throw him out of the cab of the machine is pulled.

A woman who claims to be the daughter of the Verity to get school out of his (former) co-workers. “Who do you think did that to you”, she wrote on the social media. “Oh, you went to your book and the things that just made matters worse.”

Verity is always wanted, according to the British media, did not respond to the incident. He just wanted to say, however, that his ribs hurt.

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