The Film “The Boy needs fresh air” has conquered the top of the official German cinema charts. In the touching movie from Caroline Link with the young actor Julius Wake-up calls in the lead role, it’s about the Childhood of Entertainer Hape Kerkeling at the beginning of the seventies, in the Ruhr area. The movie brought it at the start of the weekend (27.12. until 30.12.) well 366.000 visitors, such as Media Control announced.

The comic book adaptation of “Aquaman,” with actors such as Nicole Kidman, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard had in the four days of about 310,000 for more viewers and came in second place. The Australian Director James Wan tells the story of a man who embodies a reconciliation between the earth and the water: Aquaman has a human father, but his mother is a creature of the sea.

The musical film “Mary Poppins’ return,” had nearly 188,000 to viewers and peaked at number three. Emily Blunt embodies more than 50 years after the cult film with Julie Andrews, the new Mary Poppins.

The animated film “The Grinch” fell in the four days after Christmas, with about 173,000 persons other viewers from the second to the fourth place. The Comedy “100 things” with Florian David Fitz and Matthias schweighoefer came in fifth place (approximately 151.000 viewers).

At the North American box office Aquaman,” all the floats”. The comic book adaptation, with Jason Momoa played on her second weekend in the United States and Canada, approximately 51.6 million dollars (about 45 million Euro), as the “Hollywood Reporter” reported.

in Total a record-breaking year for North America, it was 11.8 billion dollars in box office, reported “the Hollywood Reporter”. The previous record had been set in 2016, with 11.4 billion.

At the sites, behind “Aquaman” has changed compared to the previous week, also the same: The Musical adaptation of “Mary Poppins’ return”, in the Emily Blunt plays under the direction of Rob Marshall, the famous children’s girls, kept with around $ 28 million in the second place, the Action movie “Bumblebee” from the universe of “Transformers”film series, fantastic combat robot with approximately 20.5 million in the third.